, Wed 23-08-2017

Numerous are the dreams and wishes that remain trapped in the imagination, if the dreamer does not seek to realise them. In order for ambition to escape and become real, it needs a determination that defies all the

obstacles and challenges imposed by reality.


Aynour Kawafi, 26 years old, is an artist from Benghazi with a dream. She aims to criticise Libyan society in an ironic way through sarcastic drawings that she seeks to turn into animated cartoons.


She says: ‘Kenzi is a doll that portrays the Libyan girl who suffers from the oppression of society, and the backwardness of the patriarchal mentality and its permanent endeavours to deprive women of their right to live.”


It wouldn’t be possible for Kenzi to convey the flaws of this society without the presence of a male figure representing the patriarchal mentality – hence the creation of Chakhchour. Surprisingly, people have reacted positively to Chakhchour and he has become more popular than Kenzi herself, according to Aynour.


Aynour speaks about the major difficulties she has encountered. She says convincing her parents of the effectiveness of her project was the hardest part, but she succeeded.


"Benghazi is a city that creates a fertile environment for topics and events, so the titles of my episodes are always ready," says Aynour. "The dialogue is improvised while shooting. All I need is a title for the subject that I want to tackle and film. Then I work on the video montage, and post the work on Kenzi’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts."


Aynour aspires to make Kenzi a famous puppet and hopes to find a slot for her on television. She believes in her project, and devotes most of her time to developing her talent through international programmes she finds on Google. She is also planning to move to another country soon, in order to learn to use the tools that will help her best bring Kenzi to life.