Social / Citizenship

, Tue 12-12-2017

Towards a better tomorrow

, Mon 11-12-2017

His city couldn’t contain the ambition of this young man filled with hope and excitement, searching for a better tomorrow.

, Wed 29-11-2017

In the midst of the events Libya is going through today, people may think of research in this area as a luxury rather than a priority.

, Tue 28-11-2017

Esleen in the Amazigh language means a type of compact granite stone often found in Kosbah, which may translate the relationship of the name of the house to this stone’s features.

, Tue 03-10-2017

"It is not their fault. We are poor, we had to go out to the street and beg to survive. It was not an option.”

, Fri 15-09-2017

Drift racing is one way to burn off frustrations in Benghazi, and drifters are a passionate lot, determined to race even when the war was raging.

, Mon 16-01-2017

Once the capital of all the Barbary states, Derna sits between Libya’s Green Mountain and the desert, looking out onto the Mediterranean and back upon a history stretching into millennia. 

, Wed 14-12-2016

After the uprising of 2011, the city of Benghazi experienced an increase in volunteer activities. This decreased between 2013 and 2015, but recently has begun to flourish again.