, Thu 07-12-2017

"They live in my imagination, I see them in front of me"

, Thu 07-12-2017

"They live in my imagination, I see them in front of me"

, Wed 29-11-2017

The square is a cultural edifice for intellectuals and artists of all ages, a place where ideas can emerge, far from political fanaticism. The coffee shops are filled with loud laughter and friends swapping stories.

, Tue 12-09-2017

Reggae became famous among the West Indian working classes and black farmers in the early 1930s, as a mixture of Jamaican, Caribbean and African melodies including ska, mento and A

, Wed 23-08-2017

Numerous are the dreams and wishes that remain trapped in the imagination, if the dreamer does not seek to realise them.

, Sat 12-08-2017

Ali Wakwak works with materials that he hates. He forges sculptures from surplus weapons and happens to be internationally renowned. But there’s nothing he would rather do than re-open his workshop museum in Benghazi

, Tue 17-01-2017

Khouloud El Zowi is a Libyan fine artist with a passion. In 1998, she obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Art and Journalism of Tripoli.

, Sat 14-01-2017

As a child I used to love watching women gather together at celebrations.

, Wed 14-12-2016

The performing arts are important. They enrich societies and deepen their understanding of the world.

, Wed 14-12-2016

Many children grow up loving Manga, the Japanese form of animated cartoons, particularly the superheroes – and not just kids, many adults love them too.

, Tue 13-12-2016

“All these are readers, and their gestures, their craft, the pleasure, the responsibility and the power they derive from reading, are common with mine. I am not alone.” – Alberto Manguel